Our mission, our objectives

Our mission is to protect and support the family based on the marriage between a man and a woman. We have the constitutional right and the moral obligation to protect it from the modern society’s tendencies to diminish its importance and accelerate its decline.

The moral and cultural values of our nation are the grounds of our mission, as is the wish that the country’s entire Christian civil society would join us.

Our general objective: For Romania to have as many and large families as possible, for its citizens to experience longevity, by providing their members with an ideal environment for development, perfect from multiple points of view: economic, social, physical and psychological protection, affective; and the Romanian nation to endure and experience continuity and demographic, economic, social and cultural development.

Our specific objectives:

  1. Family must remain defined in the law as the fundamental institution of society, based on the willingly consented marriage between a man and a woman. This definition is to be written in the Romanian Constitution, which establishes the basic principles in the state organization and the fundamental rights and obligations of the citizens.
  2. The youth must be informed, correctly and completely, about the importance, uniqueness and the benefits of marriage and thus, of the family.
  3. For the family to be socially, culturally and legally supported, and respected as an institution, on which the well-being of the individual and the nation’s prosperity depend.
  4. The status of the marriage is to be strengthened by refusing to acknowledge the alternative forms of cohabitation, such as the concubinage („civil unions”).
  5. The upbringing and education of the child in a complete and stable familial environment, with a mother and a father, must always be a priority for the public policies and for the legislation in the domain.

It is a well known fact that the family, created by the marriage between a man and a woman, is the only inter-human relation which ensures the ideal environment for delivery, upbringing and education of the children. In order for the family and, along with it, the Romanian society, to flourish, the collective involvement is required, namely the whole civil society, denominations and state institutions.

Family needs, above all, support and strengthening.

The founding members of the Coalition for Family

September 2015