Coalition for Family has launched „Fifty proposed measures concerning family policies in Romania”

On the occasion of its press conference on 31st of March in Bucharest, Coalition for Family launched the „Fifty proposed measure concerning family policies in Romania” program. Realized by a multidisciplinary team, it contains 50 public policy proposals and it seeks the completion and adaptation of the already existent family-related legislation, as well as the creation of necessary institutions, in order to achieve the realization of family’s social functions.

The intervention is circumscribed in the general objective of the Coalition for Family: For Romania to have as many and as large families as possible, for its citizens to experience longevity, by providing their members with an ideal environment for development, perfect from multiple points of view: economic, social, physical and psychological protection, affective; and the Romanian nation to endure and experience continuity and demographic, economic, social and cultural development.

The lead authors are the Association of Catholic Families „Vladimir Ghika” and PRO VITA Association – Bucharest branch, member organizations of the Coalition, along with a team of jurists and sociologists.

The elaboration of the program started with a comparative study on contemporary families from Romania and the Czech Republic, realized by  the Association of Catholic Families „Vladimir Ghika” in collaboration with Narodni Centrum pro Rodinu (National Center for Families) from Brno, Czech Republic, in order to discover the level of awareness regarding the family policies in Romania. The next stage was the public consultation „Family – between aspirations and realities”, initiated by PRO VITA and the Coalition for Family. This action sought not only identifying the problems that the modern family is confronted with, but also finding possible solutions for these matters, the objective being a collection of valuable ideas. The initiators pursued definite coordinates, starting from the formation of the family, going through its daily existence, the upbringing and education of the children and ending with the interchange of the generations, thus to follow the natural course of the familial core’s „life”. Over 100 individuals and organizations answered during the consultation, and provided approximately 150 different action ideas.

During the next stage, in order to properly elaborate the public policies document, the working team convoked 3 focus-group type meetings, groups that could work in collaboration by means of internet. Because The Coalition for Family has decided to be a think tank in dialogue with the policy makers, the proposed measures were given a suitable form for corrective public policies, in a combined and balanced approach, bearing in mind that law not only does shape, but also follows the cultural tendencies and social realities, where the moral values (or their absence) play an essential role. 

The core idea of the „50 proposed measures” is that the state should start considering family as a partner and stop viewing it as an object of social assistance and exertion of a „paternalist” authority, as they have done so far. Only then can we consider family able to become one of the pillars in the development of Romania – it is now an aspiration, limited to a meaningless motto. In other words, we do not demand money/incentives from the state, but implication and a loose taxation system to permit the independence of the families and a civilized living standard, so that Romania can grow. Simultaneously, it is essential to respect the parental authority regarding the decisions parents make for their children’s future.

The „50 proposed measures” are divided into 10 chapters: Institutions for Family, Family culture, Houses for families, Measures to increase the birth rate and for demographic recovery, The harmonization between the family life and career, Elder’s protection, Marriage stability and children’s protection, Giving parents the right of educating their children according to their own values, Financial measures to aid the family, Familial health measures.

Complete, they can be accessed thus:

The program is going to be submitted to the political parties in Romania, in order for the proposed measures to be assumed and implemented in the legislatures that are to follow. Any additional contributions – corrections, new proposals, etc. are welcome.